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DRUVAS DYNAMITE KAUSS INTERKROSÂ 2015 – spriedze visas nakts garumâ!

Latvijas Lakrosa federâcijas un lakrosa kluba „Druva Dynamite” kopîgi rîkotajâ turnîrâ uzvaras laurus plűca 2 mâjinieku komandas – jaunieđu grupâ uzvarçja komanda „Druvas Dynamite U18”, savukârt pieauguđo grupâ – „Druva Dynamite”.

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„BJC LAIMITE” wins „RJTC Intercrosse cup”

„BJC LAIMITE” won „RJTC Intercrosse cup”, second place went to memberbs of the household - „RJTC”, but 3rd place was held by newcomers „LADY LACROSSE / LSPA”.

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„BJC Laimite” wins Mitava intercrosse cup

“BJC Laimite” wins “Mitava intercrosse cup 2011”, second place – “MLK2”, but third – “MLK1”.

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9th April - Mitava Intercrosse Cup 2011

The Latvian Intercrosse Legue continues with the second round of four.

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RJTC wins Riga Intercrosse Cup 2011

The winners' of Riga Intercrosse Cup 2011 – “LC RJTC”, 2nd went to “BJC Laimite”, but 3rd - to team “Mazsalaca”.

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  Intercrosse in Latvia

For the first time intercrosse in Latviaappeared in 1991, when the game was showed by young people from theSwedish Youth ChristianUnion. Introduction was intended to begin a new, fast, interesting game in middle of Baltics. The game was originally spread trough the countryby the Latvian YouthChristian Union (JKS) and its branches in Latvia andassistance of Swedish JKS. Development of intercrosse was strong until 1995, but then the Coordinator and Head of departure went to study abroad and development stopped as strong as it started. Then intercrosse was rarely played 1-2 Latvianschools.

With Latvian School Sports Federation initial support, intercrossepromotion was resumed again, but now including courses for sports teachers of Latvian schools. Latvian intercrosse development, as well as lacrosse development,is controled by Latvian Lacrosse Federation


The map is marked with places wherelatvians are playing intercrosse or there is some equipment (sticks, balls).

Those places are: Liepaja, Gramzda,Dundaga, Talsi, Edema, Jelgava, Riga,Adazi, Mazsalaca, Rujiena, Naukseni, Livani.


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