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Latvia seeks head-coach for women's national team

Job title: Head coach of the Latvian National Women's lacrosse team
Time frame: 1st April 2012 - 30th June 2012 and further

Location: Flexible with travelling internationally when required
Reporting to: LLF (Latvian Lacrosse Federation)

The Latvian Lacrosse Federation (LLF) is looking for a head coach. This is the first international championship for Latvian lacrosse girls. The game experience of the majority of the girls is 1-2 years
on average with 1-2 international tournament experience, and they are committed and have the motivation to get better in a short period of time. Ready to work hard to be a better team.

Our goals
Develop a competitive team
Increase lacrosse skills of Latvian national team
Represent the Latvian national team with honor

Develop lacrosse in Latvia
Get international experience at coaching and referring

Knowledge of women’s lacrosse
Coaching experience in women’s lacrosse
Leadership skills

Main duties
Maintain and improve Latvian lacrosse national team at all levels
Plan and run practices
Show an appropriate level of technical knowledge
Motivate performers and communicate effectively
Safeguard safety and health
Consult and lead the assistant-coach, team captain and team managers
Organize, plan and implement the teaching of rules, strategies, fitness and fundamentals in women's lacrosse

Terms of employment
Voluntary position. Travel cost, lodging cost coverage negotiable. Present at practice sessions in Latvia, and during the whole tournament.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and motivational letter before the 11th of March, to gatisg@inbox.lv You will receive a reply within two weeks. If you have any questions regarding this job position, please send an e-mail.

With kind regards,
Gatis Ginters


Latvian Lacrosse Federation



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